Call for ideas

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We believe the best ideas are the one who will surprise us, not the one that we are waiting for. In this hackathon we want to design the future of work, which is a new category in itself. Therefore we don't expect you to create something better or with more compelling features. We expect you to create something entirely new and different from anything that had come before.

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Remember: the only rule we have is that your product should help people work remotely.

In this page, there are some ideas that ourselves, our partners, mentors and speakers had. We are not saying it is the road to follow, but it should help you get started.

(The "raw" answers of the mentors are here: https://airtable.com/shrChomm21pyBKiFc/tbl279StoksO62tRL)


A.I. could be as revolutionary as the arrival of internet in term of impact in our lives. We are curious to see the practical use case for businesses.


We are interested to see projects that helps companies reach out their customer in a more efficient way. Wether it is to analyze, identify or upsell their customers we think the market is still growing in an unprecedented way.

How to reach leads in a personal way ? How to make product demos ? How to be more productive ? How to engage your prospects ? How to shorten the sales cycle ?

Human Ressource

Tools to help onboard new employees. Tools to help involve and grow people in a company. Tools to improve collaboration and transparency. How do you maintain a company's culture with remote employees ?


How do we fix education ? How do we permit children to stay creative ? How could we make information run through an organization smoothly and in interesting ways ?

Future of work

Help team work and collaborate better together. The job market is also changing in many ways and we are curious to know what you think will be the future and what will be the new ways of working.

Developer tools, how to reduce technical debts? How can developers get the same result with less time?

How to organize a Virtual Event with more than 200 people live, in a collaborative way and transmit strength and emulation of the collective without being physically together

Virtual Reality

We haven't experience the full potential of VR yet, how to use it so it will serve people in an useful way ? What will be the tipping point that will make people use it ?

Internal communication

The way we communicate internally in the businesses have evolved drastically throughout the decades. We've gone from mail to slack in the recent years. What is the next step ?

How to filter external noise while we have remote calls ?