FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions you can send us a mail at contact@42entrepreneurs.com

We will list here the question you ask us

How many people per teams ?

We strongly recommend 2 people per teams if you don't know each other already as it will make coding your MVP and working together much easier.

How to form teams ?

In the page teams you will find a public Airtable with the list of selected candidates. From there you should look for people who you will be a great skill match and common interest. The best way is to contact a list of people and propose to the one with the best match to form a team.

The only rule here is that there is at least one 42 student or alumni per team.

Who owns the code of the project ?

You and your teammate.

How to win the prizes ?

Checkout this page:


Can I go after many prizes ?

Yes, you can and we recommend you to go after the one you think you have the greatest chance to succeed. And you might even win two or more if you are really good.