Planning 🔥

🌎 The event is worldwide but the planning is in GMT+1 (Paris) ✌🌎

🚨 All events will happen on Zoom 🚨

Workshop Planning Recap 🤘🏻

Team formation
From Thursday night
Kick Off
Friday 10:00am (GMT +1)
Sydney Cohen
The future of search engines - Meilisearch
Friday 10:30am (GMT+1)
Senior & Technology
Friday 11:30am (GMT+1)
Alexis Hernot
The Power of Community - EDGEof INNOVATION
Friday 12:00pm (GMT+1)
Alex Odajima
How to launch on Product Hunt
Friday 3pm (GMT+1)
Arthur Bonnecarrere
How to create a landing page efficiently
Friday 4pm (GMT+1)
Skribble Game
Friday Evening
Discord Channel #Game
Gautier + Sydney
From 0 to 1 - Crisp
Saturday 10:00am (GMT +1)
Baptiste Jamin
Meditation Time: Get more focus and let the best ideas come to you
Saturday 11:00am
JURY - Pitches for Meili Search Prize
Sunday 5:00pm
lu.ma (Coming soon)
Thomas Payet
Megatron Vote
Sunday 7:00pm (GMT +1)
Closing Ceremony
Sunday 8:00pm
lu.ma (Coming soon)
Monday 9:00am